Welcome to the History of Arena-Essex Speedway. Throughout these pages you will find details on all of the seasons in which the Hammers have been competing.

We have attempted to compile the definitive collection of photographic and factual archives which help to capture each of the years Arena have taken to the shale at the Purfleet Raceway.

The history is split into several sub-sections, which are detailed below. There is the eighties, which follows Arena from their first ever meeting, complete with Speedway Star match report and programme notes. We follow the club through the highs of 86 to the lows of 89.

We then follow the club on their turbulent journey through the nineties, where they were taken over by new management, captured their first ever championship, closed, and re-opened under the very first promotion.

We also offer a collection of reports from some of the key matches in the Hammers history, plus team photographs from those years. There is also a history of Arena-Essex riders in Riders Championships.

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Team Photos
Riders Championships
Pictorial Track History